About to List Your Home On The Market? Don’t Forget To Make These Important Changes and Additions Beforehand

Before listing your house, lots of things need to be done. You may think your home is in great shape, but the reality is that every home could use some sprucing up, whether it is to be sold or not. One thing you should consider doing is adding siding, preferably fiber-cement.

This type of siding is known to bring the seller a fair chunk of change back after the sale. The reasoning is that fiber-cement siding holds up well to all kind of wear and tear, and even serious damage. You’re much less likely to ever have a termite infestation if you’ve got fiber-cement siding, for example.

One thing so many homeowners forget to do is re-paint. If you have colors on your walls that are anything other than neutral, go find a paint brush. You can also paint by yourself if you want to save money and not hire a professional. Never list your home until your walls are freshly painted, with a neutral color. Same goes for the exterior. You’ll find it hard to find a buyer who appreciates purple shutters.

Consider building a patio, as who doesn’t love to enjoy the yard? Decks are wonderful for hosting parties or guests. If you are going to build one, be sure to use natural wood. Any other type of wood will de-value the deck, and the money you put into it will be wasted. Or at best, you’ll break-even.

You can’t ever go wrong updating a kitchen. You can get back well over 1/2 of your investment. As long as you’re sure to use new, attractive appliances. Not the cheap fixtures and appliances. Go for granite countertops over fake materials. If you have a tiny home, don’t waste time and money renovating. You’ll never see the return on it. If you have a home on the smaller side, just make some small changes like switching out hardware, or painting.

Similarly to the kitchen, bathrooms bring back lots of money on the initial investment. Not quite as much as kitchens, but they’re right behind it. Again, choose neutral colors. You don’t need to buy top of the line fixtures and whatnot, but do invest in nice countertops (preferably granite). Go for an attractive, elegant finish when it comes to handles and knobs. 

Landscaping is very important as well. You can’t expect a buyer to want to come view your house if you have a dumpster truck in the driveway, or debris all over the pathway. Now is the time to call your yardman. Make a few trips to the local nursery and buy some fresh plants and flowers.




Lastly, if you have a wet basement, consider putting the money into it to make it a dry one. Dry basements are far more attractive than wet ones, as buyers can convert the space into anything they want. It’s extra square footage. Wet basements on the other hand are wasted square footage, that the buyer will have to put money into. Be sure to also read this article, 15 Design Tips to Know Before Re-Modeling Your Bathroom.

One thought on “About to List Your Home On The Market? Don’t Forget To Make These Important Changes and Additions Beforehand

  1. If you have the money, I would say fix the basement. Not necessarily fix, but finish. Many sellers want more for their house because of the basement which adds to the square footage. However, no one wants an area that was in project-mode for 1.5 months and then quit. So..I would finish it, or you’ll have to knock some off your list price.

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